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Welcome to Elchicanos! Here's our menu! (Cover) First Basket of Chips Compilmentary. Additional Baskets only 1.50 more! Parties of 8 or more 15% gratuity will be added on guest check Not responsible for lost or stolen items. (INSIDE) APPETIZERS: Nachos......8.50 Half order.......4.75 Our famous, "El Chicano" Nachos.....9.75 Beans, cheese, guacamole, sour cream, and jalapenos Black and Gold Nachos.....9.75 Our fresh tortilla chips, smothered with black beans and jack cheese, topped with guacamole, sour cream, and salsa. WITH TACO SEASOND GROUND BEEF OR CHICKEN......10.75 HALF ORDERS....6.75 HALF ORDERS WITH MEAT....7.75 Quesadilla....4.25 Grilled flour tortilla stuffed with cheese, garnished with guacamole and olives. Cheesey Fries....7.25 A mound of fries topped with melted Jack and Cheddar cheeses with real bacon bits. Mozarella Sticks.....7.75 You get 6 sticks served with sauce on a bed of greens. Shrimp Jammers.....9.25 Six lightly battered stuffed with Jalapeno Jack Jalapeno "Hot Bites"....7.75 Jalapeno peppers stuffed with cream cheese, dipped in light batter and then deep fried. Served with ranch, ohh not to hot! Six to an order Buffalo Tenders....8.75 No bones about it. Just chicken in a spicy breaded mix served with ranch and carrot sticks. Six to an order. Mexi-Sticks....6.75 Very spicy breaded jalapeno and onion sticks served with ranch. SOPAS(Soups) and ENSALADAS(Salads) Soup served with our homemade baked Mexican bread called bollio Sopa of the day....Cup 2.75 Bowl 4.75 Please ask your server. Dinner Salad......Small 4.25 Large 6.25 Sopa De Viuda Negra....Cup 3.25 Bowl 4.75 Hearty black bean soup garnished on top with cilantro, sour cream, diced tomatoes, and Jack cheese. Fajita Salad with Prawns....11.25 Mushrooms, onions with bell peppers Fajita Salad....9.50 Our famous marinated beef or chicken fajitas, grilled and served on top of greens and garnished with salsa pico de gallo, bell peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Sopa and Ensalada....7.50 Cup of soup with a crisp dinner salad. Fiesta Taco Salad....9.25 Beef or chicken in a large, crisp flour shell, included lettuce, refried beans, sour cream, guacamole, tomato, olives and cheese. BURRITOS: Large portion burritos all topped with ranchero sauce and cheese. Red Chile....8.25 Tender chunks of beef in a mild red sauce. Green Chile....8.25 Lean chunks of pork simmered in a mild chile sauce. Chorizo....9.25 Our own homemade mexican sausage, scrambled with eggs. Beef...9.25 Filled with our special seasoned ground beef, lettuce, cheese, and refried beans. Carnitas...8.75 Pork roasted in its own juices with refried beans. Bean and Cheese....7.25 Carne Asada Burro....9.50 Bell peppers, onions, cheese and burro sause on top. Chile Relleno Burro...7.50 Chile Relleno wrapped in a flour tortilla topped with ranchero sauce, lettuce, sour cream, tomato, and olives. Ole Delicious! El Chicano Burro Especial, The "License Plate"....9.25 A fiesta, wrapped in grande flour tortilla filled with refried beans, Spanish rice, sour cream, lettuce, guacamole, cheese, and your choice of beef chunks, and red chile or lean pork and green chile. Please specify if ground beef choice. TORTAS(Sandwiches) Cup of soup with sandwich only 1.00 extra! Choice of fries or salad. A lightly seasoned and breaded chicken breast on toasted hoagie bun, Lettuce, Tomato, Mayo,Jack Cheese, Sauteed Onions...9.00 Sirlion steak sandwich, char grilled, seasoned on toasted hoagie bun, lettuce, tomato, mayo, jack cheese, sauteed onions.....10.75 COMBINATION DINNERS: 1.Tamole, Cheese, and Onion Enchilada & Taco....11.75 With rice and beans. A tamale is corn dough with meat filling, covered with sauce and cheese. 2.Cheese and Onion Enchilada, Tacco, and Toastada...11.25 With Guacamole and Spanish rice.. ATTENTION>>>>>>!!!!!>>>>>!!!!Mother wants me to get off now, I will have to finish the menu later. Feel free to order what is up so far. Manager, Star

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2 Aug 25, 06 04:17AM
our quick date
Posted by flash
17 Aug 23, 06 08:39PM
you here?
Posted by flash
2 Aug 22, 06 09:36PM
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
16 Aug 22, 06 04:50AM
Posted by
10 Aug 22, 06 03:30AM
YAY! Blink is here!
Posted by
6 Aug 22, 06 03:14AM
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
16 Aug 22, 06 02:34AM
heres the link
Posted by Baby
4 Aug 22, 06 12:52AM
Dinner Date(well not a actual date)
Posted by
18 Aug 22, 06 12:38AM
Posted by
29 Aug 21, 06 11:54PM
Posted by Baby
6 Aug 21, 06 10:55PM
alright y'all ready?? hide!
Posted by Baby
7 Aug 21, 06 09:00PM
Ya here Jake?
Posted by
111 Aug 21, 06 08:28PM
Hello Jake
Posted by
29 Aug 21, 06 06:03PM
Posted by
77 Aug 21, 06 01:38AM
Our date
Posted by
61 Aug 21, 06 12:52AM
Posted by Angel
1 Aug 21, 06 12:52AM

Posted by Angel
0 Aug 21, 06 12:50AM
ok lets JUST post here
Posted by Baby
112 Aug 21, 06 12:27AM
welcome chico!
Posted by Baby
36 Aug 20, 06 05:49AM
welcome chico!
Posted by Baby
1 Aug 20, 06 05:49AM
Posted by Baby
0 Aug 20, 06 05:25AM
Posted by
21 Aug 20, 06 05:05AM
ok confused! taco's?
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
11 Aug 18, 06 10:10PM
Posted by ☺•Jake•☻
5 Aug 18, 06 06:36PM
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